LA Yoga Magazine Review: Mother’s Calling

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By Sarah Tomlinson

I first met sacred music artist Ambika more than 20 years ago in a dive bar in New York City’s East Village. She was standing in front of her band at the mic, singing in a hypnotic Siouxsie Sioux kind of way, clad in black PVC clothing, driving the audience wild.


Finding Devotion in India

Fast forward to the present moment after many trips to India to be with her beloved teacher Sri Siddhi Ma at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram. And now we have a compelling kirtan album in Mother’s Calling. When they first met, Siddhi Ma asked Ambika to chant at the temple; her voice went out through the loudspeaker system in the afternoons.



I believe it was typically the Hanuman Chalisa, a 40-verse chant to Hanuman. This was the only sadhana Ambika’s teacher permitted her. As per her teacher’s request, Ambika let the mantras move her; the temple-goers benefitted.

Over the years, this inward sadhana has combined with Ambika’s musical background to bear the ripe fruit of devotion.

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